Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2010 is going to be a big year.  First of all, it's the year of the tiger (or white tiger, if you want to get specific) here in China.  It's also the year I'll be officially taken off the market... legally, I mean.  Not just in the Facebook world (which may as well be one and the same nowadays).  It's an exciting time... we've moved on in this century from single digits...

courtesy of dreamstime.com

If ONLY I knew how to call the year.  Is it Twenty-Ten?  Two thousand ten?  Two thousand AND ten?  Just "Ten"?  Or is it as my students would say: "Two-zero-one-zero"?

I remember when we hit Y2K (blech, I hated that it was called that) and the rest of the world panicked over what would happen to computer systems, bank records, and databases all around the world.  Meanwhile, I was pondering what Conan O'Brien would do with his "In the year 2000" sketch, which I loved so much.

That was TEN YEARS AGO.  Well, for old time's sake, enjoy this little video of Conan and a much younger but equally deadpan David Duchovny for one of the last "In the year 2000" sketches (they've since moved onto the year 3000... and into Jay Leno's time slot).  And get back at me about how you're calling the next ten years.

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