Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have many, especially here in Beijing.  Some of my ugliest moments have come to fruition here in Beijing.  When you see what's coming next, you might understand why.

There's not much that I want right now more than this...

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Look at the fat marbling through the appealing pink of slow roasted pastrami.  The generous slabs of meat that are probably oozing with fatty, buttery, oily goodness and seeping its way gradually into flavorful, chewy bread... not that air-filled, useless white bread that can never NOT be sweet that you find here in China.  The dramatic pop of yellow that calls attention to your eyes and your tastebuds.

I'm drooling all over my keyboard.  And being in Beijing means there's absolutely.  Nothing.  I.  Can.  Do.  About.  It.

Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted to turn stones into bread, and he withheld.  And here I am.  Ready to throw in the towel for a Pastrami sandwich.  How meek the human spirit can be! 

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