Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Series: Stories by Brian

I know I promised a post on Thailand, but I needed to make sure that I'd include this before Friday.  Why Friday?  This semester, I have the great privilege of tutoring five primary school students every Friday for two hours.  They have all lived in the U.S. for a short time in the recent past while their parents did visiting scholarships at Harvard and MIT.  The "hungry for knowledge" gene was promptly passed down, and their parents (being good Chinese parents) didn't want their kids to lose the English they'd gained in their time Stateside.  Hence, my new side-job.

Brian is one of the brightest in the group, and even at the tender age of nine, he gets excited by synonyms and antonyms, brainstorms, and silent consonants.  I'm fairly certain that most fluent English-speakers don't even know what synonyms and antonyms are.  Every week, I let him use his imagination (which he's pretty stoked about) and write a creative story.  I've decided that his amazing stories are certainly worthy of their own series on my humble little blog.  So here's the first in the series, entitled, "New Year's Party."

I'm gonna have a new year part in the pyramid and it gonna be the biggest in Cairo.

I will invite the emporor of France- Napolean, he will go by car.  I will invite Sherlock Holmes, he will go by car too.  And I will invite a group of aliens, they will go by their spaceship.

Then, I will have 1000 kg of dumplings from Dumpling Patrol, 1,000,000 cups of peach juice, and 1,000,000,000 kg2 of pizza because the aliens stomach is too big.

After supper, I will give the presents: backpacks for the aliens, alive teddy for Napolean, and stuffed fish for Sherlock.  Then the party is over.

I think the party will be fun!


  1. Nice. You should read some of the stories my Kindergarten kids from last year dictated to me as I wrote. I enjoy the free-flowing non-cohesiveness of the five year old English learner's brain. It's better than what I can come up with.

  2. Word to that, Kristin. It is so sad how limited our imaginations become with age. I was peeking at another student's story and it had something about inviting Brian (same student), zombies, and a mermaid. You should post some of your kids' stories, too! Hmm... do I see a collaborative blog in the works in our futures?