Friday, March 19, 2010

Stories by Brian: If I could collect 100 objects...

The assignment this week was to teach the kids about writing well-organized paragraphs where they use critical thinking to explain their ideas.  I taught them how to make a basic outline, and this is what they came up with.  The prompt was to tell us what they would collect 100 of, and explain three reasons why.  As usual, Brian did not disappoint.

If I could collect 100 object, I will collect 100 kinds of sheep from the universe.
I can see how stinky are there poops, what is the color of them and what do they eat.  I can drink their milk and taste is it yummy?  What is the flavor?  is the milk smelly?  also I can count them when I sleep.  That makes me sleep and I can see how they sing lullaby play violin.
After you see my reasons, maybe you want to collect sheeps too! 

I do, indeed, Brian.  I do, indeed. 

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