Sunday, April 11, 2010

Something we can all look forward to

Larry King irritates me.  Maybe it's the seemingly cold way that he asks questions that often seem to cross the line without even flinching... but then maybe that's why he's been on the air for as long as he has been.  But perhaps the thing that I dislike most about Larry King is that I always end up getting sucked in to watching the full hour of his show.

Today, though, I had a good reason.

Snoop Dogg has so much to say when given the chance to say it.  On this hour of Larry King, I learned about Snoop's brief stint on the soap opera "Another World" and about his future plans to record with Susan Boyle.  I also learned about his plans to venture into...

...supermarkets.  Or rather, "Snoopermarkets."  Ahh yes.  Snoopermarkets.  Like a beautiful marriage of WalMart, the Dollar Tree, and Soul Plane, Snoopermarkets will sell "everything" and "everything will be under $20."  "Clothes?  Food?" Larry King asks incredulously.

Without missing a beat and with that cool, smooth tenor that caught the West Coast's attention with its first utterance of "...laaaaid baaaack," Snoop replies, "Everything, Larry.  Everything."

Yes, everything.

I could turn this into a sociological observation about the decadence of American life.  I could talk about the changing face of hip-hop, or its humble origins and the irony of Snoop Dogg (literally) breaking bread (cornbread and fried chicken from Albertson's) with Larry King before the masses.  I could... but a pun like this is so good it deserves its own post.

Snoopermarkets... rollin' through to a hood near you.

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