Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stories by Brian: How to...

The assignment was to explain how to do something.  I'm teaching the kids about outlining a paper and writing transition words to denote order.  At first, they started writing things that they can do easily, so I told them to use their imaginations.  It's like watching a lightbulb switch on inside of their eyes when I say the magic word "imagination."  I guess they don't get many opportunities to exercise that part of their brain school, so getting to waste a few hours a week with their kooky English teacher is actually fun for them!  Here goes:

How to make the yuckiest food
Today, I am going to make the yuckiest food in the whole wide world.
First, I will find the ingredients.  The first ingredient is big caterpillars & lizards from amazon.  Then, I'll find rats, toads, newts, and mud in the slum.
After that, I'll kill them: caterpillars into jam, kill the lizards and let them go into stink meat.  Drag off the toad's legs, newt's bodys, kill the rats.  I will put the toad legs, newt bodys and rat meats into the mud.
At last, I will cook them.  I will fry the rat meats, toad legs and newt bodys with mud, and put the stinkmeat and caterpillar jam on it.
Do you want to try?

Gotta love that little bit of Chinglish at the end!

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