Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Love

The past two weeks have been good to me in the blog world.  It's only fair that I pass on the blog Karma and encourage all two of my faithful readers (haha) to chiggity check out the folks who have brought traffic my way.

Shelley is one brave woman.  She's taken it upon herself to conduct 12 different 30-day experiments for each of the 12 months in 2011.  She is a fellow "Sixer," and I guess she kinda dug the crazy thoughts in my head, because she gave me the honor of being featured in her blog!  You can check out the entry here, but be sure to stick around and peruse for a bit.  Shelley is a bona fide pro writer!

Bernalwood is a blog dedicated to all things Bernal Heights-- one of my favorite areas of San Francisco.  It's a quiet little suburban district just south of the Mission District, but it holds so much character.  Since my childhood dream of settling down in Bernal Heights are still on hold, it's nice to settle down for now on its ultimate blog here.  And also be called a "Globetrotter"... though not of the Harlem variety.

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  1. It was a nice little bit and lovely photo about you and your dream to return home, which you keep returning to but not permanently, not yet anyway. For some reason, you still have the globetrotter angst, the itchy feet that keeps on travelling on. Mine keep returning to my love of the Colorado Rockies too, and yet I remain in Holland. I may not know your own particular version of the 'traveller's lament', but I know my own. Best of luck to you and Jason, always, Grace!