Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuff My Sister Finds

My sister is awesome.  She is incredibly talented, adorable, and has a witty, original blog that is a lot of fun to read (it gives some insight as to what it's like being in our family).  She also sends all the good stuff she finds on the internet to me.

Everyone's heard of hipsters, but most are still unsure as to what exactly a hipster is.  From what I understand, hipsters are people who wear glasses, drink a lot of coffee and beer, ride their bikes, and try to disassociate themselves from anything that is considered "cool" by mainstream society.  And wear a lot of flannel/plaid.  And jeans that are too tight.  If you still aren't quite sure, observe this alarmingly realistic portrait of a Portland hipster from the IFC Show Portlandia.

I actually fit into more than half of those criteria, but I guess being a hipster means taking all of those criteria and heightening it to the next level.  Even people who thought they were hipsters apparently have felt forced disassociation from the hipster crowd.  I guess they were just too cool.

Anyway, my sister found this little gem of a gif.  It brought me a lot of joy (no pun intended) because it joins two of my favorite things: Disney, and tongue-in-cheek humor poking fun at hipsters.

Gotta love it.

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