Thursday, February 24, 2011

Business Class

Say what you will about money not buying happiness.  But it sure does make certain things a lot easier.  Like a 14 hour flight, for instance.  Some people don't get along with their in-laws.  Other peoples' in-laws do ridiculously dope things like use their miles to buy Business Class tickets on their daughter in-law's favorite airline.  Some people just luck out, I guess.  Behold, a few highlights from our flight with Asiana.

You can easily tell who the Business Class rookies are.  First hint: they're usually the idiots taking pictures of the amazing amount of leg room you have.  Yes, my legs are short, but this was still pretty awesome.

Not just one little button that pushes your seat back down a measly 6 inches.  The seats can lay down at 180 degrees, at three different default settings, or you can opt to control the seat back or leg rest independently.

The Husband was very excited to see that we could play Go Stop in-flight.

 And of course, the food.
Snack:  Beef Empanadas

First Course:  Prawns in some kind of creamy sauce.

Main Course: Bibimbap.  This is a classic stand-by on Economy, but portions and side dishes were of course better.

Dessert:  Tea with Korean Cookies and Candied Walnuts

Snack:  Smoked Salmon Canapes

The Business Class lounge at Incheon-Seoul International is fully stocked with massage chairs, showers, bar, and buffet.  Incheon-Seoul is probably one of my favorite airports to have a stopover at with its excellent shopping, wide variety of snacks, and now that I'm an Asiana Gold Member, I have yet another reason to look forward to my stopovers.
 I should state that I was in no way paid by Asiana to endorse their airline, but I've always been a huge fan.  The Husband likes to make fun of how much I gush about the gorgeous flight attendants, but overall, it's simply one of the best airlines I've ever flown.   Business Class was a great experience, but I certainly won't mind flying Economy the next time I head Stateside.

Lastly I leave you with an artsy-fartsy shot of me mid-flight.  Look how calm and serene.  Some things are worth every penny.

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