Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kazoos: Ready, Set, BLOW!

It is officially 2011!  New Year's Eve was spent nursing my husband's bad back, sitting around my parents' large TV, watching my sister polish of a bottle of champagne on her own, and starting up my New Year's Project: knitting a hat for my grandma, aka Weh-Halms (all the Koreans reading this will get that one, and subsequently know which side of the family she's from).

Resolutions?  Not so many, really.  Here's one to start, though.

I've officially decided to sign up for the Six Items or Less Challenge!  The Six Items or Less Collective is launching a new site on January 3.  Thus, with their launch, I will enter myself into what could end up being a wonderful, enlightening experience, or a horrible, drawn-out, month-long form of extended torture.  We shall see... and all of you (few & faithful) readers will join in on my musings about it.  Let it be known that on the 3rd of January, I will be posting my six items of clothing (with the exception of outerwear, exercise clothing, and/or accessories) on this blog, and wearing only those items for one whole month!  Given that shopping has been a rather uninspired experience as of late, I am betting that the whole ordeal will err more on the wonderful and enlightening side.

With that... I wish you a sweet New Year's Day tomorrow, and pose the ever-unanswered question, "Is it two-thousand-eleven, or twenty-eleven?"


  1. hey, it's heidi from SIOL. so excited to hear that you're planning on joining us - if it's like the last time, it's going to be quite a month (i'm nervously planning my own six now!).

    if you have any questions let us know; fastest way to get us is on twitter at @sixitemsorless.

    good luck!!

  2. hey Grace, it's Heidi, founder of Six Items or Less. We are so excited to have you! Best of luck and blog blog blog, we want to hear how it goes for you. All the best...