Monday, January 31, 2011

SIOL: Notes for Next Time

With just a little more than a week to go, my SIOL experience is coming to a slow close.  I'd definitely do it again, and am considering making it a seasonal activity, just to keep me honest, and to keep my husband from having a heart attack whenever I go shopping.

All that in mind, I wrote myself a few tips to make the next round go by a little smoother.  A few words of wisdom, from a seasoned veteran (but not really):

Choose clothes that can all be washed in one load. Because wearing the same top four days in a row because you don’t have enough whites to do your white wash really, really stinks.

Tailored clothing is your friend. Feeling like a gelatinous blob for one month because your clothes hang off of you like a potato sack is not.

Own lovely PJs. Or at least clothing that you wouldn’t mind being your second-most-worn clothing for a month.  I’ve found through this month that PJs are far too overlooked.  Sure, your eyes are closed for the majority of the time that you are wearing them, but given that you buy far less pajamas in a given year but spend at least 25% of your day in them, it might be the investment for a lovely pair of knickers.

Invest in nice undergarments. Refer to “tailored clothing is your friend.”  Saggy is sad.

Unscented deodorant- while not as easy to find- is far superior to scented deodorant. The issue of smell is certainly not one to take lightly.  And while some of my other olfactory-sensitive allies out there might disagree on my penchant for unscented deodorant, I pose this question: What’s worse?  Slight body odor, or body odor mixed with tropical paradise, cool cucumber melon, or gardenia?

Invest in quality shoes that you love to put on. This might seem like an oxymoron, as a large part of this experiment is to steer us from spending.  However, I recently rain into a situation where this very idea became my new stand by.  Shoes are a lot of fun to own in heaps (if you’re a certain former first lady of the Philippines), but the truth is you only really need a few that you can rely on day-in-day-out.  If seen as the most functional accessory you have the opportunity to put on every day, shoes can completely change how you feel about your six items.  Don’t settle for less.

Find a buddy. I imagine that it could be a lot more fun if I had someone to chat with about how to change my outfits around and accessorize to make the experience more creative and interesting.

Pray more. You will be amazed at what your eyes are opened to when “fasting” from clothing.  Prayer has helped me to root those things much further than I could do on my own.

Remember that it’s just one month. And as much as your intuition speaks to the contrary, your clothes don’t have feelings, and no, they aren’t sad that you haven’t been wearing them.

Take more pictures. It forces you to make more of an effort with hair, make up, and changing things up.  Which leads me to my final point…

Wearing the same clothes does not give you an excuse to completely let yourself go. Having a huge wardrobe is not synonymous with being presentable.  And vice-versa.

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