Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living on a Pint and a Prayer

Sometimes- no matter how blessed life may be- some days can be exceptionally difficult.  Just a few years ago, I would have drowned any memories of such exceptionally difficult days under a small sea of adult beverage.  Since then, I've learned to cope with the difficulties of my (incredibly comfortable) life with prayer.  On days like today, though, a pint is the Lord's form of the little extra amount of grace I needed to keep a smile on my face.  I could turn this truly exceptional day into a rant against rain, cranky people, and the City of Portland, but it is the prayer that keeps me in check and express the very grace unto others that I have been fortunate to receive myself... albeit a bit tongue in cheek.

Thus with my pint chilled, poured, and ready for consumption begins my very first (of what I'm sure will be many) "Pint-and-Prayer-Nights."

Pint for the Night: Widmer Drfiter Pale Ale

Cheers, to the anonymous Portlander who vigilantly maintains sound parking enforcement on the streets of this great city.  I sincerely hope that getting my car towed on a miserably rainy day satisfied your wrath against me.  If not the towing, then I trust that your note proclaiming, "Idiot.  You can't park here" did the trick for you.  I assure you, after forking over the towing fine and receiving an additional Parking Citation, the note certainly put me over the edge, so I hope it did the same for you.

Cheers, to the old, faded "No Parking On This Block" sign on the corner of NE Alberta and NE 15th.  Oh, what a fool I was to not see you.  How dense I must have been to have not recognized your great power when I passed you on my way to breakfast... twice.  Believe me, if you have been ignored, disregarded, and disrespected in the past, I certainly hope that today's events made up for that.
See it?

I suppose this makes it more clear.

Cheers, to the City of Portland.  I hope the hefty donation made on behalf of the Lee newlyweds comes into great use.

Cheers, to the folks at Newhouse Towing.  Thank you for your politeness and sunny disposition toward your customers.  Your sympathy makes a world of difference.  It is never fun having your car towed, but your service eases the pain a bit.

Cheers, to my four beautiful girlfriends who came all the way up to rainy, foggy Portland to visit the husband and me.  Whose smiles and joy brought some much-needed sunshine and great redemption to an otherwise awful day.  Whose friendship I know is lifelong.  Whom I am deeply and forever indebted to.

Cheers, to my lovely and patient sister, who forewent her plans for the afternoon to chaperone her sad sack of an older sister and brother in law from place to place on the great search for Mr. Honda.

Cheers, to my amazing younger brother.  I'll admit that I often thought it was simply a cute and silly party trick that you memorized everyone's license plate numbers.  Little did I know that it would become an immeasurably valuable ability during a very stressful and vital moment.  You surprise me in the most unexpected ways.  I'm so very proud of you.

To a bittersweet rainy Saturday.

건배 (Gun Beh/Cheers/Slante)!


  1. WHOA - WOW - WHOA. This is NOT the Oregon I used to know and love. Poor you!!! But you are right in hinting that, though the devil gets his due in 'chump change', God sees through in the little miracles of true friendships in the midst of the nasties, as well as your brother's rare gift. HUGS

  2. Can you believe it? Apparently, it's happened to my aunt three times in Portland! So unfortunate. Oh well, it was still a beautiful day, and I so appreciate your sympathy!