Monday, January 3, 2011

On Becoming a "Sixer"

Here I go!  I've just sent in my registration to start the "Six Items or Less" Experiment and am on my way to becoming a "Sixer."  The actual run of the experiment goes from January 10-February 9, which is a relief because I'm still pinning down which items of clothing I want to stick with.  I never thought I could be so torn over clothing (long sleeve or short sleeve?  prints or solids?  gray jeans or black slacks?), and I actually consider myself lucky since I don't have a formal job to show up at in the same six items of clothing five days a week.

 In any case, it's such an exciting thing to take part in, and I'm anxious to see what effects it will have on me in my thinking and spending habits.  I'm also keeping this whole thing a secret from my entire family and my (new) husband!  It will be interesting to see if they pick up on it... but my bet is that they won't have a clue!

Keep comin' back for more on being a "Sixer"!

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