Monday, March 21, 2011

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Delightfully Engaged.  For our three-part wedding feature!  Hooray!  Plus a few of my thoughts on wedding planning (if you're really bored).

This fascinating article about what really goes on when you're a parent.  (Spoiler: it ain't pretty.)

Cathy Lorax's amazing series "Film Diary," in which she recreates pivotal scenes from a wide range of movies.  It's really fun to click through and see which movies you recognize.*

From "Film Diary" series, posted with permission from Cathy Lomax

So, in honor of Ms. Lorax's genius, let's play a little game of "Guess the Movie from the Pivotal Scene," shall we?  I don't think we can ever expect to see that name on the outside of a Milton Bradley box any time soon, so my wee little blog will have to suffice for now:

#1:  Two boys race against each other in a filthy motel swimming pool.

#2:  He pushes broken glass on the ground out of her way with his foot.

#3:  A man sees a stranger crying in a theater.

#4:  They find a dead body in the freezer next to the ice cream.

#5:  A man moves into a familiar apartment, and puts his cigarettes on the shelf over his bed.

#6:  A man gets something in his eye, then tells his daughter that he loves her very much.

#7:  He watches her put money into a cookie tin.

#8:  He fetches her a pitcher.  (This one is so easy-peasy, I shouldn't even include a picture, but I will be kind.)

*She also painted a fascinating series studying Mia Farrow's costumes in Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby-- a film I still haven't developed the courage to watch. 

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