Friday, March 11, 2011

Hammin' it up

While I anxiously await my Mom's next birthday, another less personally significant birthday has just passed...

Jon Hamm's!  Ah, Jon Hamm.  I've suckered the Husband into watching Mad Men and I'm pretty certain that he just likes watching it with me because of how I'm always yelling Mom-like advice to Don Draper.  It still puzzles me that no matter how loudly I yell, Don (played by Jon) still doesn't listen to me, that naughty man.  He still sleeps with all the wrong women.

Jon Hamm photographed by Paul Jasmin for Interview Magazine

Still, Jon Hamm has always delivered, whether it be on Mad Men where you frustrate me as one of the most confusing and conflicted characters I've ever seen on television, or be it on SNL where you've shown what I like to believe is your more natural personality, poking fun at yourself and trying desperately to be an unattractive idiot.  Sorry, you do fail at that.

Happy Belated 40th, Mr. Hamm.  I had no idea who you were before you were Don Draper (or even before you were Dick Whitman), but oh, how you've stolen my heart.  Here is one of my favorite Hamm moments on SNL.  Enjoy.

Bonus: Pretty hilarious interview of Jon Hamm by fellow four-lettered-last-name-that-ends-in-two-consonants actor Paul Rudd

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