Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stuff My Sister Finds, Part 2

Shortly after my undergrad days were over, I gave up my crazy bar-hopping-on-Tuesdays habit.  As far as I could see, it was fun for a few years, but got old quickly, not to mention the fact that my savings account had been spent on a few too many lackluster bars that lit up the humble downtown Santa Cruz strip.  My friends called me Grandma.  Some nights, I could hear the debauchery occurring outside my studio window while I was trying to focus on whatever movie I'd rented for the evening.  Yes, I am a boring person.

Mostly, I stopped drinking because I realized what drunk people look like to sober people.  And it ain't pretty.  And you know what?  It just gets worse as you get older.  Sloppy drunk kid on his twenty first birthday?  Might have its nostalgic charm.  Sloppy drunk people trying to relive their fraternity/sorority days in their mid-thirties?  Not so much.

So I bring you this amazing video clip found by my sister, who just finds the best stuff on the internet.  No one could make sloppy drunkenness look this adorable.  But the next time you think about picking up the bottle, ask yourself... will I look as cute as that baby on YouTube by the time I'm done with this?  Chances are, you probably won't.

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