Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beyond These Walls

Do you ever stop to think about what sort of amazing things your friends are doing with their lives, and then are blown away by the fact that you get to rub elbows with them?  No?  Maybe you need some cooler friends.  (Kidding!)

One such buddy of mine is David Gaulton.  He is an amazing worship leader, songwriter, and just an overall cool dude.  This past summer he released a new album, called Beyond These Walls, which I've been coming back to every few weeks and have been so blessed by.

photo courtesy of David Gaulton's Facebook Page
A few weeks before I was scheduled to come back to China, I found myself in my parents' kitchen, wrestling with the thought that I'd have to go back to a place that I, frankly, don't like.  As I looked out the window at the beautiful Oregon clear skies and open fields, I kept asking why I had been asked to leave my loving family, friends, and my home when so many have the luxury of doing the Father's work from the comforts of their homes.  As I silently fought with the calling that had been handed to me, David's song played...

"For we are called to be light into the world, and not conform to the patterns of the earth
For we are saved, we are free, we are redeemed...
This world is not our home, and we will not conform..."

From my experience, David's heart is not to perform (though he does perform well), but to generously spread the spirit of worship to the nations.  His songs hold interest melodically and rhythmically, but are simple enough to be accessible to the average kid in your church who just wants to sing.  While Christian music has changed drastically in the last twenty years, it is refreshing to see how David has reconciled contemporary sound with lyrics that retain their power in their directness and convicting honesty.  To add to his "overall cool dude" status, David also shares all his chord charts and other resources on his website for other worship leaders, so you don't have to sort through 15 different versions on to find one that is actually correct.

I could go on and on about how each of his songs has been life-giving in different situations, but I will simply let you experience it for yourself.

Favorite Tracks:  Holy Nation, Beyond These Walls, Awake O Soul, With One Touch

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